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About the Game:

You play as a young boy named Karro. The game takes place in a fantasy world where mysterious portals have opened up to another dimension with strange and dangerous creatures coming through from the other side. The king asks for your help to save the kingdom and you have to solve a series of puzzles in order to find the portal stones and close the portals to save your world from peril!


Development Team





Controller (XBox):

A - Jump
B - Interact
X - Dimension Shift
Left analog stick - Move


Space - Jump
E - Interact
F - Dimension Shift
A / Left arrow - Move Left
D / Right arrow - Move Right

alt+F4 - Quit


Known Issues

  • UI only displays XBox controls, not keyboard controls
  • Player lives sometimes start at 1 instead of 3 when starting a new game after a Game Over screen
  • No way to save your game
  • Overworld map does not represent actual amount of playable levels in the game
  • Unable to jump down through one way platforms when game is run in fastest Graphics Quality


Karro.zip 25 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip. Open Karro.exe and make sure to select Fantastic Graphics Quality to avoid some possible bugs.


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Great game ^.^

Thank you! ^鈥縙

Deleted post

Thanks for playing our game! We really enjoyed watching your gameplay of this prototype!